Marketing It Isn’t Just For Big Business

Design isn’t just for big business anymore.  It’s true!

Small businesses BENEFIT tremendously by hiring a graphic designer. 

Want an instant image upgrade for your company?  Hire a graphic designer to create a fresh, eye-catching memorable design that ties all your marketing efforts together and compels potential customers to contact you.


Imagine the following scenarios…

  • You are waiting for your morning coffee and see a set of brochures in an eye catching stylish rack.
  • You are at the doctor’s office and in the waiting room and you see that each aspect of your health care has it’s own publication.
  • You’re in charge of making a buying decision at your office and your sales representative has a collection of information outlining their history, case studies, and advantages for selecting their product over a competitor.

Now think, why might you choose one service over the other just by looking at the collateral materials?  The best collateral communicates the right information at the right time with a customer: discussing roasting techniques during that café latte; outlining surgery preparation before that big day; or sales literature that makes your company feel more confident about that big purchase.



Some basics to keep in mind

  • Unified collateral materials increases brand recognition and make it easy for your customers to understand your product or service in order to make buying decisions.
  • Well-designed collateral materials make it easier for your sales team to sell and make you look credible.
  • Effective collateral materials allows for flexibility.
  • Collateral materials should be easy for managers, design professionals, and advertising agencies to understand.
  • A company demonstrates its understanding of its customers’ needs and preferences by making its information easily accessible and understandable.
  • The best collateral materials are well written and present appropriate amounts of information.
  • And lastly … although most importantly …




Professional graphic designers are skilled at creating designs that help to level the playing field between large and small businesses by helping small businesses to appear larger and often times more credible.


Gina O'Daniel

Gina is an award-winning designer and brand strategist with over 30 years experience in the design industry and has worked with small start-ups to large corporations both nationally and internationally to ensure their logos, business sets, marketing materials, signage, display advertising, social media design and website work together to ensure brand identity and maximize the company's image potential and profit.

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