The Change Artist

When creating your brand identity, live with it for a while. Just about the time you may be tired of it is when your brand identity and messaging is catching on to your target audience.

Branding isn’t a magic trick, it shouldn’t be now you see it, now you don’t.

Take a look at large companies as an example. They don’t change their brand identity monthly. Their messaging grows as their company grows but the core message is pretty much the same.


It is OK to assess how your brand is working in the market place. It is OK to make tweaks to your messaging and slight tweaks to your brand identity. However, if you change too much over and over again you could confuse your clients and potential clients (those who may be watching you from the audience).

Instead, think about how you may be able to make a brand message and brand identity twist to an area or division of your businesses or specific product identity. Those are still part of your overall brand but they may be able to stand in a spotlight as an individual tied to your brand. An example of this is to shift the coloring used for a different color within your brand color pallet (maybe one that was a secondary color) to represent that one particular division or product. As a whole they cohesively blend together and are representative of your brand, but pulled apart, it looks individual – still having the overall feeling that this division or product belongs to your company. This helps build trust and helps your message grow.


Gina O'Daniel

Gina is an award-winning designer and brand strategist with over 30 years experience in the design industry and has worked with small start-ups to large corporations both nationally and internationally to ensure their logos, business sets, marketing materials, signage, display advertising, social media design and website work together to ensure brand identity and maximize the company's image potential and profit.

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