3 Tips For Increasing Your Businesses’ Web Visibility

The world wide web, it is a pretty big place with lots of activity.  You have probably asked yourself once or twice, “how do I stand out?  Besides Google, how can I drive traffic to my site?”.

This article talks about 3 ways you can increase your web visibility … and better yet, your web traffic.



Start a blog.  Write on subjects that relate to your business.  This sets you apart as being an expert in your industry.  Because blogs are updated often (you should create a blog post at least once per week), this helps your rankings in search engines – it is ranked higher for being kept current. Your blog should have a link to your website (and web pages) so that your viewers can find out more information about your company. Blogs can be created several different ways from having one Custom Created just for you by your web developer (many different options) to using a template in a program such as WordPress. It is important to make sure your brand identity is reflected in your blog to avoid confusing your target audience.To view an example of a custom WordPress Blog, Click Here to view O’Daniel Designs Blog.



Social Media

If you are not in the social media pool yet, jump in and join the conversation.  Your posts, tweets, photos and videos can link to your website driving people to more information about a blog post, new product or program that you are offering. If you don’t know where to start and get overwhelmed just thinking about it, start with Facebook or Twitter and work in others as you get more comfortable.

We suggest starting with Facebook, then Twitter, then YouTube and the rest.  Most of these social media sites can be customized to your brand identity.

Here are some tips for incorporating your brand identity into your Social Media:

1. Add images (including a profile sidebar)
2. Add a custom a welcome page (for tips on how to create a welcome page see last week’s article, “Goodbye Old Facebook Welcome Pages… Hello to the New and Improved Version”).

1. Add a custom background with your company branding.
2. Update the page color scheme to match your branding.YouTube:
1. Customize your page layout
2. Add in a custom designed background
3. Upload videos or video slide shows. For business a “business style” social media site, check out LinkedIn and Biznik.  And, if images (that includes portfolio pieces) check out Flickr.

Visit social media sites that your target audience participates in and  join the conversation by giving answers, starting a conversation and solutions that can be found on your website (linking back to the site with Tiny URLs).

Still confused as to how to keep up… after-all there is only 24 hours in a day… don’t worry.  You can stay updated with all of your social media in one place and link them together by using Hoot Suite (http://www.hootsuite.com/) or Tweet Deck (http://www.tweetdeck.com/).

For an example of how social media can work for you, view the following, O’Daniel Designs social sites: Facebook, Twitter (Gina & Leon), You Tube, LinkedIn



E-Zine (or E-Newsletter)

An e-zine is a great way to keep in touch with your clients and network and a terrific way to attract new connections.  The term e-zine is short for electronic magazine that is delivered by e-mail, usually by permission with an opt-in that gave you, the publisher, permission to send it to the recipient. An e-zine can be sent to a large list of your contacts with just one click and because of the opt-in, this meets the laws regarding spam protection. Your e-zine can drive traffic to your website by linking information in the article (or link to view more of that article) back to your website (or blog).  Writing an e-zine can position you as an expert in your field.  The biggest benefit of writing an e-zine is regularly connecting with people who want to stay connected with you because your subscribers opted in to read what you have to say. There are many different e-zine publishing companies – each having different features and benefits.  We use Constant Contact at O’Daniel Designs.  A few others are Mail Chimp, Emma, Infusionsoft and iContact.  All of these have templates that can be customized with your company’s brand identity.On an important note, we strongly advise that you use an e-zine (newsletter service) to send your e-zine (see list above).  This will help to prevent your company’s mail servers being identified as a source of Spam which could result in your mail being blocked by your recipients’ mail servers.


So as you can see by this article, there are several options to increase your web visibility.  Choose one (or more) and watch your web visibility increase.


Gina O'Daniel

Gina is an award-winning designer and brand strategist with over 30 years experience in the design industry and has worked with small start-ups to large corporations both nationally and internationally to ensure their logos, business sets, marketing materials, signage, display advertising, social media design and website work together to ensure brand identity and maximize the company's image potential and profit.

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