Brand Talk – Episode 3 | Social Media

This weeks Brand Talk is ready for viewing… and we are talking about Social Media for business. Check it out… click the link above.

Brand Talk – Episode 2 | Websites

Brand Talk Episode 2. In this episode we talk websites and why it is so important in today’s business world to have one.

The Change Artist

Branding isn’t a magic trick, It shouldn’t be now you see it, now you don’t. When creating your brand identity, live with it for a while. Just about the time you may be tired of it is when your brand identity and messaging is catching on to your target audience. Take a look at large…

Brand Talk – Episode 1 | Branding or Re-Branding

Brand Talk Episode 1 Online series discussing branding, marketing and website design for your business. In this episode we talk about where to begin when you are creating your brand image or going through a re-branding.