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Brand Talk – Episode 4 | Website Marketing

This weeks Brand Talk is ready for viewing… and we are talking about marketing your website. Check it out… click the link above.

Brand Talk – Episode 2 | Websites

Brand Talk Episode 2. In this episode we talk websites and why it is so important in today’s business world to have one.

Got Flash? Perhaps it’s time to make a change.

Adobe Flash has been used by web designers and developers since 1995 to design compelling web sites, navigation, galleries, animations, banner ads and full-fledged applications. The beauty of Flash was that it was a create once, work everywhere technology. Flash gave us confidence that the galleries, navigation, and other elements that we created for our clients would look just…

Why SEO Isn’t Everything

Yes, you read that correctly, SEO isn’t everything. Imagine this common scenario…. Company A spends a large amount of money on Search Engine Optimization because they have been told it would be the answer to attracting more customers.  True, SEO can lead them to the water, but will it make them take a drink?  The…