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Brand Talk – Episode 3 | Social Media

This weeks Brand Talk is ready for viewing… and we are talking about Social Media for business. Check it out… click the link above.

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3 Tips For Increasing Your Businesses’ Web Visibility

The world wide web, it is a pretty big place with lots of activity.  You have probably asked yourself once or twice, “how do I stand out?  Besides Google, how can I drive traffic to my site?”.  This article talks … Continue reading

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Goodbye Old Facebook Welcome Pages… Hello to the New and Improved Version

Oh, the times they are a changin’ at Facebook. As fate would have it, just about the time that I got comfortable adding Facebook Welcome Pages, a monkey wrench was thrown into the works. My first clue was that the … Continue reading

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Don’t Be A Social Hermit: Give Them Something To Talk About

These days, a consumer is no longer a faceless statistic in a sales report.  Consumers have become an active participant in the brand building process.  Their new mantras are “share”, “tag” and “comment”.  With that in mind, businesses need to … Continue reading

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