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The Sky Is Falling…Or Is It? Dissecting the April 21, 2015 Google Mobilegeddon

A lot has been discussed throughout the media on Google’s decision to change its search ranking algorithm on April 21,2015 for pages that are not considered to be mobile friendly. Does this mean that you site will no longer be … Continue reading

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To Yext..Or Not to Yext…

That is the question asked by many of us that perform Search Engine Marketing, and one that has been debated mostly to “no” side until recently. This article introduces Yext, discusses its features, offers pros and cons, and describes how … Continue reading

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Using Vimeo to Deliver Your Video Content? Here’s How to Work Around Internet Explorer 10 Issues with ColdFusion

Here’s a not so fun fact. For the past several months up to this writing (February 20, 2013) if you happen to use the rather awesome Vimeo video content delivery service, your videos may, or may not display in Microsoft … Continue reading

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Got Flash? Perhaps it’s time to make a change.

Adobe Flash has been used by web designers and developers since 1995 to design compelling web sites, navigation, galleries, animations, banner ads and full-fledged applications. The beauty of Flash was that it was a create once, work everywhere technology. Flash gave us … Continue reading

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