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3 Building Blocks For Creating An Unforgettable Brand

Branding. This word can paralyze a lot of business owners. Many think branding is your logo, business card, colors and the marketing of your business. Actually there is more that goes into branding than just the visual face of your company. By skipping right to the visual creation of your brand, you are skipping some…

12 Easy Steps to Strategic SEO

A company’s website not only needs to appeal to its ideal clients but, those clients need to be able to find them when searching online. Once you create your website, don’t let it be the biggest secret out there. Your website isn’t a Field Of Dreams. If you build it, they might not necessarily come….

Branding 101 – Why Brand?

Because branding is the cornerstone of putting the polish to your business appearance, I thought I would revisit a post that we originally was posted in March 2011. Just as the picture says above. Branding is not a one time thing – it is an ongoing process that never ends. As your business grows, your…

Brand Talk – Episode 4 | Website Marketing

This weeks Brand Talk is ready for viewing… and we are talking about marketing your website. Check it out… click the link above.